Dancing Light Presents:

Dorothy May, Phd

Dorothy May, Phd

Since there are no accidental meetings, I welcome you to the Dancing Light Presents website. This website has come through Dorothy May, PhD. I am a clinical psychologist, teacher and author.

Let me introduce you to Dancing Light Presents:


is about shifting the collective consciousness through the individual consciousness. It is about discovering your life purpose so that the life purpose of the planet can be fulfilled. The darkness of our Earth Mother is replaced by The Light. Dancing Light is not a static being, not a metaphor. It is alive. It is moving. It dances. The Light dances across the page, illuminating each word. It dances to its own music in its own rhythm. The Light behind the curtain throws its shadows on the wall. Then it dances out in full view and beckons you to follow its path. It is a firefly of illumination in a night sky of darkness. It is a tiny spot of brilliance on the horizon that expands until it fills the ocean.

DOROTHY MAY, PhD, Author, Teacher

I am a clinical, psychospiritual psychologist with 30 years of experience in the integration of mind/ body/soul and goal-oriented problem solving.