PART VI of the Golden Moment of Now

“This we know: all things are connected like the blood that unites us. We do not weave the web of life, we are merely a strand in it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.”

                                                                                      -Chief Seattle



          A dark night

          raining, cold, deep,



          The darkness of fear

          covers my soul.

          I weep and bow my head

          in silent supplication.


          Look! The Light appears!

          The Light shines through

          the ice-covered trees,

          crystallized in time.


          We are all mysteriously

          transformed by the glowing Light

          into diamonds of great beauty and value:

          Gold, Silver, Pink.


          Shapes frozen in time and place.

          Even the once-ugly mounds of dirt:

          transformed…by the Flowing Light.


          My soul opes its eyes and sings its song.

          Transformed am I into beauty and color and Light.

          Shimmering and shining for all to see.


          Today I want to discuss a form of psychospiritual transformation we are going thru, both personally and collectively. If we look at the events in our world at the surface level, things are judged “bad.” And we spread the negative news among ourselves. And we create and re-create fear and more fear. If, on the other hand, we would perceive each event in the world as a metaphor, then we arrive at a different meaning entirely. For example, we know that our planet earth needs to change. We know that it is up to us, the humans who live here, to change what needs changing. To transform our planet, each element within the whole is changed and in this way, the whole thing looks, feels and is different from that with which we began.

          Our thoughts are the most powerful agent of change that we have. By changing our thoughts, we change our perception of what is. In the poem above, the Light is a metaphor for our thoughts – or/and it is a metaphor for God. In either case, the dirty mounds of frozen snow are transformed by “the light.” It is either the light of understanding or the Light of God. Now re-read the poem. At the beginning, I was afraid, alone in the darkness of mis-understanding. By the end, I am a diamond of great beauty, color and light. I shimmer and shine for all to see as I radiate my Light into the world. The world is changed by me, in the form of Light “for all to see.” It is enough.

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Writing in the Moment for me right now

seems to be made up of many converging moments,

with all that is happening “at the moment.”

                   Moments converge,

                   Moments collide.

          Moments melt into one another.

Each person involved and each moment counts.


All I have is each moment of my life.


This moment with dear friends, in my living room,

          with rain pattering on the windows

                   is sweet.

I am warm and dry.

My basic needs are met. I don’t even have to pee.

It is enough,

this moment in time.



                   Part Five


One interpretation of the poem.

It seems that thoughts and feelings of the moment, of time right now contain worlds of experience for us. A moment is forever and each one converges with another. Some moments run into each other and some melt into each other, becoming one. This is the way that time behaves. Every moment we live is a timeless wonder and seems to be all that we have.

When I am with my dear friends, with you at home, no matter what the weather is outside, life is good and tastes sweet to me.

Every moment I spend with my loved ones and each moment that I spend with you, my readers, through these words on paper, are all that is and maybe all that ever will be.                                   Amen.

The Golden Moment of Now – Part Four

Now that we realize that we can choose our thoughts, reprogram ourselves and even use our thoughts to improve the world, what shall we think?

We can begin with watching the news. There are two things to do with the news. Watch the news only once a day. Don’t follow the terrible stories. Don’t spread the “bad” news. But for every terrible event, change the negative into a positive and send light and love to those involved. It can’t hurt and maybe can help.

The second thing to do is look for the small nuggets of “good” the newscasters offer on most broadcasts. One I’m thinking of right now is the story about Downers Grove North high school. The students voted to make a particularly deserving student Home Coming queen. The student’s name is Anne Wagner. Look up this appealing story. This student has Down Syndrome and Leukemia – the mother wrote in part: “You have given a young girl the dream of her life, to feel special, loved and just to be a part of something truly awesome.” Next time you think that adolescents are selfish and shallow, think about this and spread it. It’ll make you laugh and cry at the same time as it touches your heart.

PART III of the Golden Moment of Now

In the unfinished story that is you and me, a major theme is changing consciousness. Let’s talk about that concept for a moment. Smoking is a good example of a change in consciousness. Back in the “good ole’ days” everyone smoked cigarettes. It was a sign of sophistication, of glamour in the movies and many of us developed the habit to ease tension, mark time in our daily lives and as an acceptable social behavior.

Slowly our consciousness changed as science showed us the negative results of long-term smoking. We became aware of smoking as a health problem and in social situations, our frame of reference became non-smoking as an accepted behavior.

A similar thing is happening right now, on a much larger scale. We are beginning to be aware of the long-term damage that our consumptive, acquisitive, sometimes greedy behavior has caused. Our world has changed forever and we have begun to see that we are, willing or unwilling, agents of change. We have begun to see that as we change our thoughts and feelings about a topic, we can affect our inner lives and the larger, outer world in either positive or negative ways. We have begun to see that we have made far-reaching choices about ourselves and our environment. We have begun to reframe our reality. We each look out of our eyes as through a window in time and space. The window has a frame around it which contains and affects our view – our viewpoint, our perspective.

Our consciousness has already changed.

The Golden Moment of Now Part 2

Science and Spirituality have come together at a new balance point. At this very moment, people are working together in creative ways to blend a new science, a new spirituality into a new view of the world. We can base our ever-evolving Selves, our Human Being-ness, upon this blend. When we add our own, unique soul contract and individual psycho-spiritual personalities, we have a combination that can restart the world and direct it to better places.

Science, through quantum physics, also shows us that there is a field of Divine Energy all around our planet and our galaxy which we can call the Divine Matrix, formulated by Gregg Braden in his book The Divine Matrix. This is similar to The Tao which is based on ancient Chinese traditional thought. The Tao is written about in the Tao de Ching or Book of Changes. This field connects everything in our world like a cosmic blanket many layers deep and it is everywhere. Within this Matrix is the blueprint for everything in creation. The blanket is perfect and it is whole. We can see that we are interconnected.

Since we are a microcosm of the macrocosm, it follows that this Divine Matrix also exists within our bodies, hearts and souls. Some have called it the Light within, the immortal Soul and other names. For example, if we look at our physical ear, we see the spirals of energy that are reproduced on the bottom of our feet, the palms of our hands, in forms in nature and inside of our bodies according to an energetic blueprint. Both quantum physics and the ancient texts say that in the unseen realms, inner and outer, it is human beings who create the prototype for our relationships, careers, successes and failures in the visible world.

If this is so, we must learn more effective ways to build and improve a world on planet earth that is sustainable, viable and worth living in. When we gaze upon our holiness and our oneness with reverence and honor, the world will be freshly created.

The Golden Moment Part 1

The Golden Moment of Now. Today we hold in our hands the golden moment of Now. It’s a gift, a grace that renews itself every single day. It is a new beginning, an egg.

It is gold because this is a golden opportunity. It is placed into our hands, this fragile egg of gold. This day has never been before; nor will it exist again. Yet the golden egg is ours. What will we choose to do with our new beginning?

For the next few months, I will be writing a Blog Series entitled: “The Golden Moment of Now: Conscious Spirituality in the Present Moment.” The theme is how we can make a Creative Transition in the present moment – when the past is gone and there is no precedent for the future.

I’ve long been an advocate of personal and spiritual growth. I believe that we can be changed and our world can be changed through the effort of individuals Being and Becoming the Change they want to see in the world. The collective consciousness that is our nation has become a global consciousness. Each individual person can make a difference! As I write these blogs, I’ll be giving you the results of my research into great websites, great books by wonderful spiritual teachers and the common, every day wisdom that I’ve collected from various sources over the years.

Many of you already know that there is a psychological, spiritual and social movement led by activists, futurists, spiritual teachers from all areas including quantum physics, and smaller teachers like myself who are coming together to spread the word that We must think, feel and act differently in order to survive – because our past paradigms no longer work. We no longer advise people to think “out of the box.” We tell ourselves to create a new geometric shape to our experience. We are today seeing the proof that great changes must be made. Every great change begins with change in an individual’s heart, mind and soul. We cannot move forward doing “business as usual,” nor can we succumb to doomsday prophecies that say our planet will be destroyed. We can, however, move forward in our soul evolution on a daily basis. A critical mass has been reached and we have tipped our balance.

Will the Real God Please Stand Up: My First Eighty Years

The title of this blog is the title of my new ebook, coming out in January, 2013.

This book is a Spiritual Memoir, lived and written across a span of 80 years of my life. I have some beginning comments on the writing of a spiritual memoir that I think may be of interest to my friends and followers.

     It has been long enough since I’ve completed my Memoir so that I have gained some perspective on the process.

    In this memoir, I have discovered the sacred in my own life story. In my God-Moments, I’ve connected and interconnected with the Divine in my life and have listened to the still, small vooice of my soul.  It is my hope that, in traveling the journey with me, the reader finds the voice of his or her own spirit, answering its own call.

    It is not the destination or the resolution of the quest, which is discovering the Real God; but it is rather the search itself that has given my life a meaning well beyond my small self.

    I trust that the Breath of God lives through my story and that that Breath breathes life into this Memoir.

    This is my hope and my prayer. Try it yourself and you may be surprised by the results of your search.


CIRCULATE through body, mind, emotions, soul…

Here is an energetic healing for you to use:


1. Put one hand on a body part that is causing you trouble.

2. Say: I circulate HEALTH AND LOVE within, throughout and all around my physical body. As I do so, Love pushes out all contaminants, toxins, negative bodily issues and these are escorted out of my body system. these are replaced with HEALTH AND LOVE.

II. Think of your mind.

1. Say: I circulate LIGHT within, throughout and all around my mind. As i do so, Light pushes out all negative and harmful thinking and Light replaces these.

III. Think of your emotions.

Say: I circulate BALANCE AND HARMONY within, throughout and all around my emotions. As I do so, BALANCE AND HARMONY replace any and all negative emotions such as fear, shame, guilt, anger. And I AM left with BALANCE AND HARMONY in my emotional system.

IV. Think of your soul.

Say: I circulate PEACE, JOY AND GRATITUDE within, throughout and all around my soul. As I do so, PEACE, JOY AND GRATITUDE replace any and all negative soul issues, such as doubt and separation. I AM left with PEACE, JOY AND GRATITUDE in my soul body.

Thank God, your Source and your Spirit Guides for this healing.


Your thoughts create a reality for your life. your purpose grows out of

your vision of yourself and your life. Part of this is how you choose to

present yourself to the world. Some questions to ask yourself:

1. What do you choose to create for yourself in the next year?

2. How will you live out your tasks toward that end?

3. What do you want more of?     Less of?

4. Find or make up 1-3 quotations which are meaningful to you at

this time. Write them down.

Let me know how this work goes for you. How does it feel to you?


“By choosing your thoughts and by selecting which emotional currents you will release and which you will reinforce, you determine the quality of your Light.
You determine the effect that you will have on others, and the nature of the experiences of your life.” – Gary Zukav: Seat of the Soul