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Codependency: PowerLoss, SoulLoss
A story of codependency with or without alcohol. When a concept has captured, capsulated and crystallized the experience of so many Americans it must be examined and made part of our literary heritage as well as recorded as an integral part of the American experience. Codependency is a large-scale failure to teach our children the self and personal development it takes to direct their lives. In taking their power from our children, we have robbed them of a vital life force. Codependency is the root addiction of all – a disempowerment that creates a final alienation from all that gives life meaning.


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Will the Real God Please Stand Up: My First Eighty Years

Lived and written in the decades between 1930 and 2012, this story spans over 80 years as one woman moves out of organized religion into a unique spirituality and identity of her own. The story is held in the human struggle to wake up from the dream of conditioned, automatic responses and listen to the abiding, underlying sound that is the voice of the human female soul mirrored in the cultural context of 20th century mid-America. The book shows the consciousness out of which we can re-create and co-create our world anew and offers hope for the future human being, as the story moves into the 21st century. Come with us on a journey of chaos, creativity, purpose and meaning given to a life by the spiral of conscious development.

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Archetypal Reiki

A book and card set that falls into four categories of healing: awakening, truth, initiation and purification and empowerment. In this work you will find a set of healing rituals, a wide array of meditations and affirmations, ways to access Reiki energy and ARC energy. You may consult the cards or the book alone with questions about your physical, emotional, or spiritual health and they will guide you to an intuitive awareness of the self empowering steps you can take along your healing path.

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CD – Be Still and Breathe

Imagery and music combine in a meditation that is transformative in nature. Be Still and Breathe provides a unique experience that facilitates deep and lasting change wherein your heart is fed and your soul sings its song. It heals, comforts and motivates as it reprograms your subconscious mind.

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