SERVICES BY Dorothy May, PhD

Follow Dancing Light as it dances its way into your heart. Within your heart it becomes the Light Within. This is the Gift of your Inner Healer. The Light heals all pain. When you grasp the Light and try to hold on, your hand closes upon itself and the Light dances away. Your breath follows the Light as it breathes you.

Dancing Light has danced into my heart. It has allowed me to focus my life energies in such a way as to be a source of healing for myself; and to offer to others the tools and practices I have learned, in the books and services I offer.

Each tool and practice is customized to fit you, your needs and your intention. Intention and motivation occur at the levels beyond the conscious mind. I promote self-healing at the subconscious level where YOU live and at the spiritual level where the Light Within lives.

If you want…

…relief from stress in all your days;

…a way out of pain and confusion;

…more energy at the end of a day;

If you want

…to sort out your situation and see where you’re heading;

…to know what you don’t want and what you do want;

…a direction from the crossroads where you’re standing;

and finally … if you want more peace and comfort in your heart through

connecting with the life of your soul:

I can help. There are many techniques and methods open to you to untangle the threads of your life and allow you to move again. When you connect to your Light Within, you will dance with a freedom you’ve never known before.

My Specialties are

Codependency Treatment

Relaxation and Meditation Training

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


DOROTHY MAY, PhD, Author, Teacher

Clinical Psychologist

Spiritual psychology

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I am available for phone and in-person appointments in Darien, Il