PART III of the Golden Moment of Now

In the unfinished story that is you and me, a major theme is changing consciousness. Let’s talk about that concept for a moment. Smoking is a good example of a change in consciousness. Back in the “good ole’ days” everyone smoked cigarettes. It was a sign of sophistication, of glamour in the movies and many of us developed the habit to ease tension, mark time in our daily lives and as an acceptable social behavior.

Slowly our consciousness changed as science showed us the negative results of long-term smoking. We became aware of smoking as a health problem and in social situations, our frame of reference became non-smoking as an accepted behavior.

A similar thing is happening right now, on a much larger scale. We are beginning to be aware of the long-term damage that our consumptive, acquisitive, sometimes greedy behavior has caused. Our world has changed forever and we have begun to see that we are, willing or unwilling, agents of change. We have begun to see that as we change our thoughts and feelings about a topic, we can affect our inner lives and the larger, outer world in either positive or negative ways. We have begun to see that we have made far-reaching choices about ourselves and our environment. We have begun to reframe our reality. We each look out of our eyes as through a window in time and space. The window has a frame around it which contains and affects our view – our viewpoint, our perspective.

Our consciousness has already changed.

2 Responses to PART III of the Golden Moment of Now

  • Ellen Tiernan says:

    I like the idea that we look out through a framed window and that we can put a different frame around the same situation and see it differently. I have done some reframing and it changes something negative into something positive. You have reminded me that I need to do this more often.

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