PART VI of the Golden Moment of Now

“This we know: all things are connected like the blood that unites us. We do not weave the web of life, we are merely a strand in it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.”

                                                                                      -Chief Seattle



          A dark night

          raining, cold, deep,



          The darkness of fear

          covers my soul.

          I weep and bow my head

          in silent supplication.


          Look! The Light appears!

          The Light shines through

          the ice-covered trees,

          crystallized in time.


          We are all mysteriously

          transformed by the glowing Light

          into diamonds of great beauty and value:

          Gold, Silver, Pink.


          Shapes frozen in time and place.

          Even the once-ugly mounds of dirt:

          transformed…by the Flowing Light.


          My soul opes its eyes and sings its song.

          Transformed am I into beauty and color and Light.

          Shimmering and shining for all to see.


          Today I want to discuss a form of psychospiritual transformation we are going thru, both personally and collectively. If we look at the events in our world at the surface level, things are judged “bad.” And we spread the negative news among ourselves. And we create and re-create fear and more fear. If, on the other hand, we would perceive each event in the world as a metaphor, then we arrive at a different meaning entirely. For example, we know that our planet earth needs to change. We know that it is up to us, the humans who live here, to change what needs changing. To transform our planet, each element within the whole is changed and in this way, the whole thing looks, feels and is different from that with which we began.

          Our thoughts are the most powerful agent of change that we have. By changing our thoughts, we change our perception of what is. In the poem above, the Light is a metaphor for our thoughts – or/and it is a metaphor for God. In either case, the dirty mounds of frozen snow are transformed by “the light.” It is either the light of understanding or the Light of God. Now re-read the poem. At the beginning, I was afraid, alone in the darkness of mis-understanding. By the end, I am a diamond of great beauty, color and light. I shimmer and shine for all to see as I radiate my Light into the world. The world is changed by me, in the form of Light “for all to see.” It is enough.

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