The Golden Moment of Now Part 2

Science and Spirituality have come together at a new balance point. At this very moment, people are working together in creative ways to blend a new science, a new spirituality into a new view of the world. We can base our ever-evolving Selves, our Human Being-ness, upon this blend. When we add our own, unique soul contract and individual psycho-spiritual personalities, we have a combination that can restart the world and direct it to better places.

Science, through quantum physics, also shows us that there is a field of Divine Energy all around our planet and our galaxy which we can call the Divine Matrix, formulated by Gregg Braden in his book The Divine Matrix. This is similar to The Tao which is based on ancient Chinese traditional thought. The Tao is written about in the Tao de Ching or Book of Changes. This field connects everything in our world like a cosmic blanket many layers deep and it is everywhere. Within this Matrix is the blueprint for everything in creation. The blanket is perfect and it is whole. We can see that we are interconnected.

Since we are a microcosm of the macrocosm, it follows that this Divine Matrix also exists within our bodies, hearts and souls. Some have called it the Light within, the immortal Soul and other names. For example, if we look at our physical ear, we see the spirals of energy that are reproduced on the bottom of our feet, the palms of our hands, in forms in nature and inside of our bodies according to an energetic blueprint. Both quantum physics and the ancient texts say that in the unseen realms, inner and outer, it is human beings who create the prototype for our relationships, careers, successes and failures in the visible world.

If this is so, we must learn more effective ways to build and improve a world on planet earth that is sustainable, viable and worth living in. When we gaze upon our holiness and our oneness with reverence and honor, the world will be freshly created.

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