Writing in the Moment for me right now

seems to be made up of many converging moments,

with all that is happening “at the moment.”

                   Moments converge,

                   Moments collide.

          Moments melt into one another.

Each person involved and each moment counts.


All I have is each moment of my life.


This moment with dear friends, in my living room,

          with rain pattering on the windows

                   is sweet.

I am warm and dry.

My basic needs are met. I don’t even have to pee.

It is enough,

this moment in time.



                   Part Five


One interpretation of the poem.

It seems that thoughts and feelings of the moment, of time right now contain worlds of experience for us. A moment is forever and each one converges with another. Some moments run into each other and some melt into each other, becoming one. This is the way that time behaves. Every moment we live is a timeless wonder and seems to be all that we have.

When I am with my dear friends, with you at home, no matter what the weather is outside, life is good and tastes sweet to me.

Every moment I spend with my loved ones and each moment that I spend with you, my readers, through these words on paper, are all that is and maybe all that ever will be.                                   Amen.

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