The Golden Moment of Now – Part Four

Now that we realize that we can choose our thoughts, reprogram ourselves and even use our thoughts to improve the world, what shall we think?

We can begin with watching the news. There are two things to do with the news. Watch the news only once a day. Don’t follow the terrible stories. Don’t spread the “bad” news. But for every terrible event, change the negative into a positive and send light and love to those involved. It can’t hurt and maybe can help.

The second thing to do is look for the small nuggets of “good” the newscasters offer on most broadcasts. One I’m thinking of right now is the story about Downers Grove North high school. The students voted to make a particularly deserving student Home Coming queen. The student’s name is Anne Wagner. Look up this appealing story. This student has Down Syndrome and Leukemia – the mother wrote in part: “You have given a young girl the dream of her life, to feel special, loved and just to be a part of something truly awesome.” Next time you think that adolescents are selfish and shallow, think about this and spread it. It’ll make you laugh and cry at the same time as it touches your heart.

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